About AwtBridge

Awtbridge is an abstract implementation of awt toolkit that solidifies the peer-system of an AWT/Swing application. It enables developers to make minimal extension on the bridge to construct a full awt toolkit implementation that can provide peer-system that support different type of presentation and interaction model of an awt/swing application. For example, a toolkit implementation can be extended from awtbridge to make the awt/swing application to be a text-based user application (for text-based terminal), web/html-based application, XUL-based application, mobile based application etc. It also separates the interaction (input) and presentation (render) model to become two separated model so that a particular interaction/presentation model can be reused.

Among the features of the awtbridge:

  • concrete lightweight peer system implementation and simple peer management system
  • framework allow multiple applications to run independently inside separate peer containers

    (e.g. support multiple user swing/awt application session concurrently within single JVM)
  • separate interaction(input) and presentation(render) model for reuse of interaction/presentation