Release History

2.0.0-beta1 April 23, 2007
1.0.1 Aug 5, 2006
1.0.0 Aug 1, 2006
1.0.0-RC1 Aug 9, 2005
1.0.0-beta3 Mar 1, 2005
1.0.0-beta2 Nov 13, 2004
1.0.0-beta1 Oct 06, 2004

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Release 2.0.0-beta1 - April 23, 2007

update FEATURES:

- implement gwtclient

- implement dojo template set for the components

- Add initial awt thinclient template and client implementation
- use template to make component screen-dump instead of hard-coded

- add component option feature in swingweb servlet for more elaborate configuration for component rendering/input

- add application content and session end template feature to AbstractSwingWebServlet


- refactor image package

- refactor web config path to WEB-INF

- Refactor layout helper to include cols/rows info

- CheckboxInputDelegate: allow "true" as event indicator

- AbstractSwingWebServlet: externalize configs

- Jxp template engine: make template extension a configurable variable

- Add xml escaping in HtmlUtils


- fix ListInputDelegate to use arrays in form input

- fix Choice to log warning instead of throw exception

Release 1.0.1 - Aug 5, 2006

update - bump awtbrige release to 1.0.1: fix event detection on jdk1.5_07

Release 1.0.0 - Aug 1, 2006


- add SwingWebContextDestroyer for cleanning up shared event dispatch thread

- returned real buffered images from SwingWebContext instead of swingweb image impl

- Implement MapInputContext.destroy to shutdown the shared threaded event queue

- add ShareAppApplicationInitializer interface for shareapp webapp events

- manag e swingweb sessions through http sessions

- implement render component as image capability

- SwingWebServlet: add handling of session stop to print out the session stop message to browser


- Change logic to require the caller for SwingWebAppManager to do setCurrentSession() when perform operation

- Make AbstractSwingWebServlet to do manager.setCurrentContext() in app processing section

- merge swingweb-demo, swingweb-template-common to single project

- change SwingWebServlet signature for starting up to include http req and response

- Resource management: refactor resource to have id and add BufferedImageResource


- Misc demo improvement

- add toggle true look feature to app console


- SwingWebServlet: use cache-control meta-tag to prevent refresh instead of query variable

- TEMPLATE: remove name from Dialog and FileDialog form which causes close dialog problem in IE

Release 1.0.0-RC1 - Aug 9, 2005


- update peers to be 1.5 compatible - pack separate toolkit jar for 1.5

- add support for threadless event queue - which is the default setting now

- implement share-app mode for scalability - add ViewComponent and SharedJLabel for share-app mode development

- add session management support through SessionLocal. Add url manipulation support through URLLocal

- add SwingWebRepaintManager to eliminate painting events?

- allow using of per-instance template at runtime

- add listener mechanism for render/input event

- add session lifecycle listener mechanism for session event

- implement selection event for JList, JTable, JTree component


- refactor SwingWebServlet to AbstractSwingWebServlet, SwingWebServlet, SwingWebShareAppServlet

- event queue is per session - add component manager interface for implementing shareapp mode

- make ComponentCssGenerator more extensible

- remove BridgeEvent layer


- fix dialog to hide after ok/cancel like normal swing

- fix layout problem in some complex layout scenario particularly involve lots of rowspan/colspan

- turn off double buffering in SwingWebRepaintManager

Release 1.0.0-beta3 - Mar 1, 2005

update This is the third beta release and there's a lot of enhancements (see list of changes below).

Next release will an RC release with the focus on the browser compatibility, performance and stability.

Changees to swingweb core

- IMPLEMENT: formalize resource caching architecture

- UPDATE: add support for buffered byte image caching

- UPDATE: suppress Exception if there's no peer for component

when rendering. - UPDATE: add toHext built-in function to the jxp template engine

- IMPLEMENT: JSliderInputDelegate, JSplitPaneInputDelegate

- UPDATE: fix css border generated to 1px

- REFACTOR: maximize and restore from WindowInputDelegate to FrameInputDelegate

- IMPLEMENT: maximize and restore of Frame in FrameInputDelegate

- ADD: JInternalFrameInputDelegate for handling maximize/restore/close

- UPDATE: AbstractButtonInputDelegate to accept "1" or "true" as input trigger

- UPDATE: Update to commons-java 1.4.0 and move xml digestion to external helper classes

- UPDATE: make delegate to be singleton and change delegate resolver to resolve delegate singleton

Changes to swingweb-common-template

- IMPLEMENT: horizontal and vertical menu separator

- UPDATE: make JToolbar items always float left

- ADD: Box, JSlider, JSplitPane implementation

- UPDATE: implement JToggleButton and JButton disabled state

- UPDATE: implement MDI-type frame for JInternalFrame

- UPDATE: Improve overall javascript event handling using event listeners

- UPDATE: Improve javascript menu implementation for JMenu and Menu

- REFACTOR: move MetalInternalFrameTitlePane to BasicInternalFrameTitlePane and add min/max/close functionality

- UPDATE: Improve tooltip implemenatation

- UPDATE: Change JTree and JTabbedPane implementation to use div instead of ul

- UPDATE: Remove name attr from form since IE would pick it up as id

- UPDATE: Remove redundant widht/height in container cell

- UPDATE: Improve JInternalFrame moving logic and fix positioning. Add z-level move-to-front

- FIX: progress bar alignment

Release 1.0.0-beta2 - Nov 13, 2004

update - IMPLEMENT: file upload for JChooserDialog

- IMPLEMENT: editing for table cell

- ADD: SwingWebUtils for detecting whether is running in swingweb mode

- UPDATE: ComponentTreeModel to use ComponentTreeNodeCreator

- IMPLEMENT: implement and enable the ComponentTreeInspector in SwingWebAppConsole

- IMPLEMENT: FileDialog input and rendering

- IMPLEMENT: implement GET after POST and multipart form handing in SwingWebServlet

- REFACTOR: fix some event subclass due to removal of BridgeActiveEvent in awtbridge

- FIX: ContainerLayoutHelper to remove component from layout if it is block entirely by other component in front of it (e.g. in SwingSet2)

- FIX: fix input and render implementation of AbstractButton, JToggleButton, JCheckBox and JRadioButton

- FIX: implementation of JTabbedPaneInputDe legate (add call to super.processInput())

- FIX: css border generation in ComBorderGenerator

Release 1.0.0-beta1 - Oct 06, 2004

refactor move "common" template set to its own project
add added simple dialog and JColorChooser template
add fix relation between JFrame, JRootPane and JLayeredPane template to be more correct now

made starting app to return the window if start as window or applet
add add SwingWebAppConsole and ComponentTreeInspector

add JCheckBoxInputDelegate and JRadioButtonInputDelegate

implement minimize, maximize and close in Frame, JFrame template

add JConsole template

add weight and height of image in JLabel template
update refactor window closing functionality

made ComponentRenderDelegate only render visible component

reimplement app starting logic in SwingWebAppServlet
update add console implementation with MapInputContext and TemplateRenderContext

changed the SwingWebContext to use URL for resource registration

refactor Resource and URLResource

refactor the SwingWebAppManager.startApp to SwingWebUtilities

refactored javascript function in common.js and window.js

implement getting content in JEditorPane using iframe src

demo classes to separate modu le
add getting width and height of URLImage, BufferedByteImage using jai added tooltip implementation, simplify button click action in JToggleButton and JButton and added tooltip
fix problem include call JTextField, JTextArea and JFormattedTextField
add JTree template and input implementation
add TabbedPane implementation
update Refactor the abstract button inputdelegate functionality and subclasses
add Added image/resource management to the SwingWebContext. Update servlet to support
add Resource http request
update Jbutton, JToggleButton, JLabel templates to support icons
update allow applet to start as application if failed to be started as applet
fix SwingWebToolkit to return default screen dimension
add add support to applet

implement JInternalFrame template and added javascript

add border, x, y css generation
all Implemented menu component template using css menu

Fixed CheckboxMenuInputDelegate for overriding correct input method

Refactor the delegates into packages and fix DelegateResolver to use full qualified name
all Added css generation facility

Added JxpTemplateContext for Jxp processing and added invoker for using css gneration facility

made the scripts to use the generation facility in JxpTemplateContext
all Made the input delegates to pass in the dispatcher when they post events

Made template render delegate not to extends as invocable.

Remove invokers setup method in delegates and made some invoker function a real method of the render delegate

Modifed to templates to work since for the refactoring
all Changed SwingWebInput/RenderContext to be ConfigDigester themself.

Made MapInputContext and TemplateRenderContext digester themself and remove the cconfig classes.

Refactor TemplateRenderContent to use TemplateEngine interface and move out the Jxp specific code the JxpTemplateEngine.
all Added functionality in SwingWebServlet for starting app through submitting form

Refactor the SwingWebWindowManager to SwingWebAppManager and added method for starting swing app