Running the demo

The demo distribution (with the name of "swingweb-${version}-demo-with-tomcat.tar.gz") is a modified tomcat distribution that contains the demo project. You can download it at the download section . Once you download and untar the distribution, simply run bin/start-swingweb.bat(sh) or start-jdk15-swingweb.bat(sh) to start the webserver. The demo index page can be accessed at:

and it has several links to the demo urls.

Preconfigured/quick installation

The easiest way for setting the swingweb development environment is to use the preconfigured demo tomcat installation, which also has an empty swingweb project on it. Use the guide above to get the demo distribution installed. The emptyproject can be found under webapps/emptyproject and the preconfigured url for the stub application (MyAppClass) can be accessed at:


Installation from scratch

The first thing is to get the SwingWeb installation tarball/zip at here. Decompress the tarball/zip, the directory layout of the distribution is as follows:

+--demo                        # contains the demo war
+--docs                        # contains documentations
+--jars                        # contains SwingWeb jars
+--swingweb-toolkit            # contains swingweb toolkit file
+--samples                     # contains the emptyproject war
+--web                     	   # contains the zip archive that has the css/javascript needed for deployment
Then follow these steps below to setup the emptyproject.war
  1. Add the two jars in the swingweb-toolkit (awtbridge-$version.jar and swingweb-$version.jar) to the webserver classpath.

    E.g. Copy the swingweb-toolkit directory to the $CATALINA_HOME and modify $CATALINE_HOME\bin\setclasspath.bat (or for linux) :

    set CLASSPATH=%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar;%CATALINA_HOME%\swingweb-toolkit\swingweb-toolkit-1.0.0.jar;%CATALINA_HOME%\swingweb-toolkit\awtbridge-1.0.0.jar
    Note: For jdk 1.5 please use awtbridge-jdk15-${version}.jar instead of awtbridge-${version}.jar
  2. Unjar emptyproject.war file and modify WEB-INF/web.xml to change MyAppClass to your application class, deploy the war
  3. Restart the web server and access your application at http://localhost:8080/swingweb/app